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שי אפשטיין - צלם אדריכלות

Every visit to Italy excites me. The cultural wealth, history, architecture, food, all of these constitute for me the cradle of Western culture. In my distant past, I completed a BA in history, with an emphasis on the Roman Empire. The Italian cities of the Renaissance, Florence in particular, have always been of an admiration for me and the opportunity to take pictures in these places makes me happy.


Located just a stone’s throw from the iconic Piazza della Signoria and the Arno, Hotel Calimala was designed by interior designer Alex Meitlis (behind the famous Ottolenghi restaurants in London). It has managed to retain an old world charm (moldings and old fashioned stone walls), while still providing modern comforts.


The arrival and stay at the hotel was great. Wandering through the tidy rooms and roof top that overlooks the city’s views inspired me and reminded me how thankful I am for the wonderful profession that I am engaged in, which allows me to celebrate everything beautiful in life, visit new places and meet creative and talented people. The place itself is packed with diverse art that enhanced the photography experience.



With Carmel Ilan as its curator, I found a selection of artworks scattered all over the place by artists such as Ivo Bisignano, Mosh Kashi and Inbal Luisa Algazi.
These were two days of creation, human connection, delicious food and good wine. That is how I like to fill my time – in the company of good and talented people, while doing the job to the best of my abilities.

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